A Few Thoughts on Heaven

If Heaven truly exists, do you think USC can play in a bowl game this year?

Can Dad and Uncle Chet have 50-yard line seats?

And since we are contemplating Heaven and USC football, do you think that USC can beat UCLA in a shut-out victory? Oh wait — that actually happened.

Can dogs digest ice cream, beer and chocolate in Heaven?

Will Esha actually get the black bird?

Will Kane walk on water? Or wet-grass at least?

In Heaven, does coffee hydrate?

Does God drink champagne, or does Heaven make its own sparkling wine?

In Heaven, can you drink the entire bottle and not have a hangover?

Do we get to wear flip-flops everyday in heaven?

Does Heaven have snowboarding even if it doesn’t  snow?

Is the weather warm in Heaven?

Are there perfect sand bottom left point breaks with no one out in Heaven?

Can Dad have his bike in Heaven? And never get a flat tire?


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  1. I hope there is a heaven so all these things can happen. So sweet. It made me cry to think of Dad and Chet, and Esha and Kane.

  2. I always wondered if anybody slept in heaven or get hungry. If everything in heaven is perfect (because they say it is) will I be seeing anyone get angry or order all flavors of ice cream?

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