April Fools: My Favorite National Holiday

Text to friends:

I have been accepted into the Peace Corp after 10 yrs of applying! I leave for Ghana next week for 2 yrs! I’ll be building toilets and clean water systems. Miss yous!


Plum — first fool to  call. I gots you good!

Laurenne – second fool to call -. Yep, I got you again this year chica! I thought you invented this holiday?

Luke: What?!? No way! I will definitely miss you! You’re awesome!!!!

And Other Responses:

Leeski: As much as I could believe this is true and would get super happy for you if it was…it’s April Fools Day and I know you too well to fall for it that easily.

Liser: Haha! You got me last year, but not this time!! Happy April Fools!

Justini: Ghana ria. Nice try.

Carolrita: Happy April Fools to you as well. You’re too selfish for the Corp.

Chris: Congratulations! Take lots of photos.

Grace: haha! & ur preggers too!

Jeremey: Take me!!!!!!!

Sarah: Bullshit! They don’t have Champagne in Ghana! Nice try tho.

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