The shape and design of the wine glass enhances the tasting experience. 

Bespoke Magazine Spring 2014

by Monica Prelle

Seductive aromas of warm, baked cherries, plum and damp earth are unmistakeable. The bright red hue lights up as it swirls around a traditional pinot noir glass; a long crystal stem, oversized bowl and tapered rim highlight the varietal’s most notable characteristics.

Tasting a well–crafted wine is captivating, but if it weren’t for the stemware, pinot noir might taste simple and generic. The aromatics might get lost, and the delicate flavors of the wine could blend together. From chardonnay to Bordeaux, wine glasses created for specific varietals are designed to highlight the nuances, allowing the characteristics of the wine to shine.

There is no mistaking — the wine glass completes the experience.

“The shape of the glass affects the bouquet, taste, balance, and finish of wines,” says Maximilian Riedel, CEO and president of Riedel Crystal. ” My grandfather, Claus J. Riedel, discovered that every wine varietal has distinct properties that are best expressed in a shape tailored to its specific flavor profiles.”

Read the full story online at Bespoke Magazine (pg 76-79) digital edition.

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