Japan is a country of coastline, forest and mountains. For generations, the natural environment has been considered sacred and a part of life. This feeling of respect and awe for nature is noticeable in many parts of the country, but is perhaps best experienced by slowly moving through forested environments.

For many international travelers, Japan is a top destination for unique experiences—the food, nightlife, temples, shrines and gardens create a culture unlike anything else in the world. But, in addition to its cultural offerings, the island nation is also known for its natural wonders. From cherry blossom season to fall colors and winter snow sports, Japan makes a superlative outdoor destination.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find natural respites all across the country, like parks tucked into bustling cities and forest-bathing reserves. Though lesser known for long-distance trekking, Japan offers some of the best trails in the world with multiday options to suit any itinerary or disposition.

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