Kimmy Fasani

Kimmy Fasani’s Return to Powder | Backcountry Magazine

In a sport where big impacts and injuries are common, snowboarders have to be fit—bulletproof even. So when the International Olympic Committee announced the addition of Snowboard Slopestyle to the Winter Olympics program…

Kaya Turski - Portrait

From Gold Medal Favorite to Sochi Underdog

When freestyle skier Kaya Turski realized that she had torn the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in her left knee—again—she was devastated. The Winter Olympics were just six months away, and Turski knew this type…

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Adventures in Wonderland

For some, the winter season presents a prime opportunity to stay inside, huddled under a blanket with a cup of steaming hot chocolate in hand. For others, the pull of the slopes is…

Fish Creek

A Fish Creek Adventure

  A bottle of Altamura sangiovese weighs a few pounds. Although my pack was heavy and we were walking roughly thirteen miles that day, I knew the wine was worth the extra weight….

JLA Banked Slalom

JLA Banked Slalom Slays the Fun

The JLA Banked Slalom was rowdy to say the least — a super epic awesome rowdy good time. Almost ten years after snowboarder Jeff Anderson died, his family created the inaugural event, which…

Confessions of a Winter Angler

Confessions of a Winter Angler

The seasons have changed and it is winter again. Most of my friends are unpacking their skis and snowboards from storage and praying for snow, myself included. But, I can’t wait for the…

Paws on the Nose

Paws on the Nose: Surfing Dog

Ready to Pull

Siberian Huskies: Ready to Pull

These Siberian Huskies are ready to go on their summer training run. I was lucky enough to be a passenger on a diggler pulled by two of these pups; so-much-fun! Snow Caps Sled…

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier NP

Whitefish on Two Wheels

Best Road Ride: Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park For cyclists, there truly is no better way to take in the alpine views from the Going-to-the-Sun Road than from a bicycle. For a good…

Lake Superior National Maine Conservation Area

Lake Superior Aerial Tour

It was my first time riding shotgun in an airplane. We were on an aerial tour of Lake Superior with Wilderness North’s Pilot Guy Cannon behind the controllers.  Thankfully I did not lose…

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