The Rundown on Swimming and Altitude

Ever since the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City (7,382 feet), altitude training has become essential to an elite endurance athlete’s exercise program. It was the first time the Olympics were hosted by…

Jon and Chris sporting life-saving helmets.

A Portrait of a Snowboarder: Chris Hernandez

A Portrait of a Snowboarder: Chris Hernandez from Monica Prelle on Vimeo. Chris Hernandez went snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain on December 15, 2009, just like he always does — “by himself.” He woke…

Thoughts on Writing for Free

Economics in the freelance market was the hot topic at the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers in Napa Valley last week, which I attended. Everyone wants to know how to make more money….

Bikini Blues

7 Steps to Beating the Bikini Blues

Do you wish you were running around Costa Rica in your bikini? Are you craving warm humid weather and tasty tropical drinks while it’s cold and snowing outside? Do you have the winter…

Kelly Deux

Please, Don’t Call me a Roadie

I am not a downhiller or a cross-country rider—I am a mountain biker. Or at least I used to be. Since buying my first ever road bike­ a few days ago, my husband…


Making Mom Proud: I’m an Award Winner!

Woweee, I didn’t expect to win so many amazing awards, but am stoked to be a recipient! The Outdoor Writers Association of California honored me with 7 awards in the 2012 Excellence in…


April Fools: My Favorite National Holiday

Text to friends: I have been accepted into the Peace Corp after 10 yrs of applying! I leave for Ghana next week for 2 yrs! I’ll be building toilets and clean water systems….


A Few Thoughts on Heaven

If Heaven truly exists, do you think USC can play in a bowl game this year? Can Dad and Uncle Chet have 50-yard line seats? And since we are contemplating Heaven and USC…

Family in Mammoth

Dad’s Favorite Things

Dad loved his girls: Mom, Eva, Lauren, Monica, Karen, and Grandma. Dad would have loved his grandaughters more than life if only he had the chance. He loved his sons-in law, Jon and…

Jon and Grandpa

Fishin’ with Grandpa

To celebrate Grandpa Carlton’s 94th birthday, the Carlton family took him to Mammoth and Jon gave him a fly fishing lesson.  We enjoyed two wonderful days on the water – the Upper Owens…

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