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Backcountry Riders Fight for their Rights

As the off-season ramps up, resorts and organizations are kicking future planning into high gear. On the heels of a strong winter, growth is the buzzword, with ski areas looking to expand and…


Burgers and Beer (and Backcountry Skiing)

Last week fishing season  began which means two things for backcountry skiers: 1. Roads are plowed, opening up backcountry access to higher trailheads and 2. Remember to throw your fly rod in the…


Spring Backcountry Report

Spring Fling: Is it really Here? With snow still accumulating nationwide, it’s hard to believe that spring began over a month ago. Across the country, late-season snowpack is deep—and in many places getting…


Road Trip: California to Utah

Me: Hello Stranger. Stranger: Hello. Me: Does this road go to Powder Mountain, Utah? Stranger: Well I’ve been standing here all day and it hasn’t gone anywhere yet.


Why is there a Snowboarder at the Ski Test?

“Hey Monica, Tyler said you were going to join us at the ski test. Here’s the info, hope you can make it.” – Drew Pogge, Backcountry Magazine editor. “Did Tyler mention that I’m…

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Celebrate Splitboarding: The Mt. Baker Splitfest

The 2011 Mt. Baker Splitfest isn’t just for snowboarders—skiers are invited too, but they must be accompanied by a splitter! The March 25-27 festival brings together splitboarders to celebrate Mt. Baker’s backcountry and…

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