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Fish Creek

A Fish Creek Adventure

  A bottle of Altamura sangiovese weighs a few pounds. Although my pack was heavy and we were walking roughly thirteen miles that day, I knew the wine was worth the extra weight….


And Then it Snowed

Well, I shouldn’t have been so fast to claim that Labor Day was the beginning of summer. Apparently, this year it is the beginning of Winter. Yes, that’s right – it snowed yesterday….

I Love Labor Day

I Love Labor Day

I love Labor Day. Across the country, Americans are barbecuing for their end of summer hurrahs, but here in the Eastern Sierra Labor Day it isn’t about the three day weekend or hot…

Lost on the Trail

Lost on the Trail Again

Meeting up with friends in the backcountry can be harder than you might think: Nate, Jon and I were doing a loop around the Minarets via the North Fork San Joaquin and planned…

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