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Little Lakes Valley, Rock Creek, Mosquito Flat Trailhead

Take a Hike: Little Lakes Valley

The glacier-sculpted Little Lakes Valley might just be the most spectacular hike in the Eastern Sierra. A cirque of thirteen-thousand-foot peaks sets the backdrop as the trail meanders past lakes, creeks and aspen…

Blueberry enjoying the view of Rainbow Falls

Take a Hike: Rainbow Falls

My first time to Rainbow Falls I didn’t want to go. I was a teenager and although I was athletic and fully capable of the three-mile hike, I was a stubborn thirteen-year-old who…

Sleeping Giant

Hiking the Giant, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

ON ANY GIVEN DAY, in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, you can identify more than 100 species of birds. “Hear that?” Parks Canada’s Greg Stroud asks me. Stopped mid-stride, he sang back to an…

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is Mosquito Heaven

    A photo gallery of Emerald Lake and Sky Meadows near Mammoth Lakes, California.

The Active 10 TREK GPS is priced at $369.99, and the National Geographic SD Map Cards cost $99.99 each.

GPS Maps are Taking Over the Outdoors World

National Geographic Maps Announced Their First Ever GPS Maps National Geographic Maps, for the first time, has made available a complete line of outdoor maps for handheld GPS unit. They announced today, their…


Lost Hiker Found

  I found a lost hiker yesterday. He was on a trail with a map in his hands. He didn’t know where he was or where, exactly, he was going. He was a…



This week has been a good reality check for me. After a horrendous hike out of Cascade Valley  and a reckless bike accident I have come to realize: I am not that tough….

Lost on the Trail

Lost on the Trail Again

Meeting up with friends in the backcountry can be harder than you might think: Nate, Jon and I were doing a loop around the Minarets via the North Fork San Joaquin and planned…

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