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Kelly Deux

Please, Don’t Call me a Roadie

I am not a downhiller or a cross-country rider—I am a mountain biker. Or at least I used to be. Since buying my first ever road bike­ a few days ago, my husband…

Blueberry Deux

Welcome to the family Blueberry Deux!

Mammoth Sunrise

Snow Bike Soak Stoke

60 Seconds of Spring  


And Then it Snowed

Well, I shouldn’t have been so fast to claim that Labor Day was the beginning of summer. Apparently, this year it is the beginning of Winter. Yes, that’s right – it snowed yesterday….

True Love: An Intense Affair

True Love: An Intense Affair

I am in love again – true love. I first fell in love ten years ago. The romance was unexpected but full on. We developed a solid, dependable relationship but after all these…

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