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This week has been a good reality check for me. After a horrendous hike out of Cascade Valley  and a reckless bike accident I have come to realize: I am not that tough….


Riding into the Russian River

The Russian River is Spectacular for Mountain Biking and Wine Tasting: my two favorite pastimes. Although we were on a wine tasting trip in the Russian River, we couldn’t help but bring the…


And Then it Snowed

Well, I shouldn’t have been so fast to claim that Labor Day was the beginning of summer. Apparently, this year it is the beginning of Winter. Yes, that’s right – it snowed yesterday….

I Love Labor Day

I Love Labor Day

I love Labor Day. Across the country, Americans are barbecuing for their end of summer hurrahs, but here in the Eastern Sierra Labor Day it isn’t about the three day weekend or hot…

Mystery Lake

Some Secrets are Best Kept Untold

Sometimes it’s tough to be a writer. It’s a conscious, moral decision to write or not to write – about really cool adventures. I’d rather not tell the world about my favorite places…

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