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Kaya Turski - Portrait

From Gold Medal Favorite to Sochi Underdog

When freestyle skier Kaya Turski realized that she had torn the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in her left knee—again—she was devastated. The Winter Olympics were just six months away, and Turski knew this type…

Kaya Turski - Action

Freeskiing’s Olympic Debut

In addition to racing down icy slopes and through gates in competition for the fastest times, elite skiers will also be boosting high out of the halfpipe, spinning off big jumps, and sliding…

Mt. Ritter

La Niña on Steroids

La Niña on Steroids: Cold Temperatures and Record Snow Accumulations A series of epic storms hit the Pacific coast in December causing power outages, road closures and massive snow accumulation in the Sierra…


STOKE: Surfing Mammoth’s Snow

Standing atop Mt. Morgan South we enjoyed blissful silence. Weeks of relentless snowstorms blessed the Sierra last winter, and finally there was a break long enough to let the snow settle. The north-facing…

On Matterhorn Peak

On Matterhorn Peak: An Ode to Spring Skiing

It takes a crazy sort of patience and determination to backcountry snowboard on a cold, spring morning. Traversing up an off-cambered slope, my splitboards hardly held an edge. Frozen, icy conditions can be…

Mount Tom 13,652 feet: A Photo Essay

Mount Emerson: A Photo Essay


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