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Paws on the Nose

Paws on the Nose: Surfing Dog


STOKE: Surfing Mammoth’s Snow

Standing atop Mt. Morgan South we enjoyed blissful silence. Weeks of relentless snowstorms blessed the Sierra last winter, and finally there was a break long enough to let the snow settle. The north-facing…

Matanivusi Sunset

Surf, Laugh, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

  We stayed at some amazing places in Fiji. The Matanivusi Eco Surf Resort on the Coral Coast of the main island is remarkable – epic surf, fantastic surf guides, amazing food, and…

Jon - Kava Bowls

Where the Waves are Hollow and Heavy

Daydreaming of Fiji

Daydreaming of Fiji

I daydreamed aboutFijifor months before the trip actually arrived. Internet searches, guidebooks, reservations – oh my! I had never spent so much time planning a trip but, once we got there, we threw…

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